Paradise Environmental Group (PEG) also offers several options for use of BlazeCheck in commerce:

Fire Extinguisher Recharging Services PEG can mix De-Ionized water and BlazeCheck at a 10% solution to fill 2.5 gallon water based fire extinguishers making for a portable and highly effective tool for homes, businesses, shops and vehicles. PEG would then either service or recommend a service agency to take care of your equipment.

Design and Installation of Fire Suppression Systems – There are many places where public water is not available making a fixed sprinkler system difficult and very costly to install. PEG can help you design and install an air pressure based system with as few as one sprinkler head for those places where the threat of fire is of greatest concern.

Fire Suppression Formula

Paradise Environmental can help you design a fixed system for your home or business to utilize BlazeCheck.


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